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Part 2

This is other makeup products review

If didn’t check my last blog on Scott Barnes other half favourite makeup products in part 1 check it out after this –

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A lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup. This holy grail of hydrating mists can be used with other products in near-endless ways – to improve the wear of makeup, or moisturize and soothe tired skin. A delicious twist in a permanent romantic rose scent, calming lavender scent, or creamy coconut scent


Soothes and refreshes skin


Sets and prolongs the wear of makeup

Dermatologist tested

Ophthalmologist tested


Matte & Metal Melted Shadows

A dual-ended liquid shadow combining a rich, velvety matte formula on one side, and an over-the-top sparkly on the other.

Huda has put, not one, but TWO liquid eyeshadows in one product!  The innovative Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Liquid Shadows bring versatile color and finish combinations that create must-have looks within one swipe. Designed to be layered or used on their own, the dual-ended Matte & Metal shadows deliver rich pigmentation, intense shimmer, blendability and longevity – the shadows stay in place for up to 12 hours!

The velvety-soft matte shadows bring a richly saturated color pigment that is both easy to blend and build by finger or using a brush. The powder finish holds oil absorbing properties that help keep the product in place longer without creasing or fading.

The metal shadows bring quick-dry properties to a high-class glitter formula ensuring a smudge-proof, shiny and sparkling finish. Lightweight and easy to apply, the paintbrush-like applicator allows for precise application to control the glitter intensity and is perfect for liner looks. The metallic formula dries down smoothly to ensure your eyeshadow look is fit for whatever fun you get up to!


Hydrates and delivers volume while easily separating lashes. This formula provides your eyelashes with a lovely panoramic finish, multiplying them: moreover it makes your lashes black and glossy all day long, while a special mix of polysaccharides, castor oil, and calendula extract protects them. Its long wearing effect is clinically proven and, moreover, its formula is waterproof tested: how not to love this mascara?

Scott Barnes new Highlighter collection

It’s really amazing I saw her jlo video and that highlighter give you amazing brand look and this shades are Scott Barnes favourite so you know very well how they work but this product is not launch yet .. it’s coming Appropriately September he sey so wait for this.

Scott Barnes eyelashes


Ultra thin wispy, piecey dramatic eye effect that gives fullness and muti-dimension. If you’re going for the J-Lo look Vanessa is your girl. Most commonly seen being worn by J-Lo.


Fabiana is our longest and most flirtatious lash. Layered for fullness and volume, the V shaped clusters interlock with your own natural lashes for the ultimate captivating result.


(Scott’s Favorite)- Enhances any eye with it’s natural flare. It is our shorter fuller lash and is perfect for an everyday natural glam. (Bridal favorite)


Bianca lash is perfect for any eye shape. The criss cross lash placement gives a full wispy effect. These lashes flare out on the ends, creating the perfect sassy cat eye look.


The Olivia lash gives the doe-eyed look. These lashes are long and flirty. The lash gets longest in the center to give the illusion of an open eyed innocent but sexy look.


The bold and voluminous Gina is one of our most seductive glamorous lashes. With clusters of fullness and varying lengths it completes any dramatic look for all eyes on you.

Roxanne Rizzo Bronze Glow

Flawless complexion in less then 60 seconds. 100% Paraben free, Alcohol Free, No Sulfates BRONZE GLOW is a multi-functional makeup blend formulated to create the most flawless and glowing complexion. It compliments all skin tones, easy to use and won’t clog pores. Bronze Glow is NOT a sunless tanning spray, but rather an HD makeup enhancer and can be used on the Face and Body to achieve a rich warm glow. Mist Bronze Glow 1x to add a glow to your skin. (Use alone on a clean face or on top of makeup) Mist Bronze Glow 2x to even out your skin tone. Camouflages Rosacea, Melasma (pregnancy mask), Imperfections, Veins & Cellulite. If you’re looking to achieve a flawless natural warm complexion, layer Bronze Glow to get the results you’re looking for. It will fade evenly in 3 to 5 days. It can be removed quickly with a mild facial scrub. Bronze Glow will not turn your skin orange. Compliments all complexions. (Perfect for all skin tones, ages and ethnicity) Topical product. Safe for pregnancy. (Always ask your doctor before trying new products) Has a fresh light scent and easy to use application. For best results store Bronze Glow is a cool dry area away from moisture and heat. Roxanne Rizzo’s Bronze Glow contains less than 3% DHA ! DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is a colorless chemical derived from glycerin that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells and is harmless to your skin. DHA is listed with the FDA as non-absorbant through the skin and has no known toxicity.

Airbrush Bronzing Mist 4.4 oz.

Hampton Sun’s Airbrush Bronzing Mist, enhance skin year round with a warm, radiant tan whenever you want it.  This unique mist gives a natural looking, streak-free tan for a professional airbrush salon look right at home. This formula gives skin an instant sun-kissed glow and features natural ingredients that improve skin’s quality, while allowing you to customize your own perfect tan.

Featured Ingredients:

• Macadamia Nut Oil

• Sweet Almond Oil

• Naturally Derived Pearls and Pigments 

The results are temporary and commitment-free. Wash it off, reapply for a tan anytime.

How to Use:

Apply to clean, dry skin to any desired area

Blend to achieve an even tone 

Apply a second time for a darker tan 

Avoid contact with fabric and clothing until product has absorbed and is dry

Be especially careful near lightly colored fabrics 

Wash hands with soap and water following application.

overall- well if you see products are so amazing worth it in their price . And Scott Barnes have amazing tool kit for lipstick and lip gloss and lip pencil .. so amazing love him love he’s teaching is great

Love this idea and he have lots of them wow really so amazing.. if you like this type of blog then please leave a comment down below and Thank you for reading Scott Barnes Top Most Handpicked Favourite Makeup ! By Mrschaudhary

Here are all products link – buy –

Mac prep primer fix

Huda beauty metal eyeshadow

Scott Barnes mascara

Scott Barnes eyelashes

Rozanne Rizzo Bronze Glow

Airbrush Bronzing

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